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Lessons from My Apple Design Experience

December 30, 2022
Andrea Pacheco

Reflecting on my time at Apple, I've gained key insights as a Product Designer. Apple's culture of innovation, top-down decision-making, and emphasis on communication influenced my approach. Storytelling, prioritizing substantial innovations, and saying "no" for focus were crucial lessons. The pursuit of excellence, using expert reviews, and the "One More Thing" approach further impacted my perspective. While not representing Apple's official stance, these insights shape my design perspective.

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Boosting Design Efficiency with the Top ChatGPT Plugin for User Flows

August 21, 2023
Edward Chechique

Exploring generative AI tools, like ChatGPT with its plugins, has been a recent focus. While not directly enhancing design skills, they offer insights into cutting-edge tech, including AI. Integrating AI, especially for tasks like diagram creation, speeds up design and teamwork. The article spotlights a ChatGPT plugin for designers, boosting diagram efficiency in solo work or team collaborations.

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Mastering Challenges in UX Interviews

August 21, 2023

Conducting effective UX interviews presents unique hurdles. This article provides insights to conquer these challenges through practical strategies. Creating a conversational atmosphere, listening actively, and using keywords instead of direct questions enhance the interview process. Employing verbs over nouns in questions unveils deeper user insights. Additionally, differentiating between findings and insights from research data leads to more meaningful interpretations. Overcoming interview obstacles cultivates expertise in understanding user needs and aspirations.

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Why Real-life Experience Matters for Junior Designers

August 24, 2023
Christina Sa

Emerging UX designers are entering the tech industry with strong educational backgrounds, but the value of translating theoretical knowledge into real-world applications is becoming increasingly evident. Practical experience offers a distinct advantage over conceptual projects. While UX courses provide a foundation, they might not fully prepare designers for the challenges they'll face in their careers. Real-world projects, with their constraints and complexities, are crucial for cultivating expertise and readiness for professional roles.

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